Intervju med The Country Vibe

 Lady A har gjort en intervju med The Country Vibe där de pratar om Bartender och varför de har valt att släppa ny musik så tätt in på Golden.

Lady Antebellum just released a fun, upbeat new song called “Bartender,” which is the leadoff single from their fifth studio album they’re planning to release later this year.  With the blessing of their longtime producer, Paul Worley, they worked with producer Nathan Chapman on this new album and Charles says, “I feel like we were able to kind of freshen up our sound a little bit and make the songs hit a little harder than I think people are used to hearing from us.”

Some fans are sad to see some of the songs on their current album, Golden, left behind, but Charles says, “Honestly, a lot of (our decision) was just a response we felt from the fans kind of ready for some new stuff and some new energy, and I think ‘Downtown’ and ‘Compass’ showed us that our fans were ready for a little more energy from us.  And Golden is much more of a mid-record and I think that we felt that it was time to have some fresh new music out there.”
Heading into summer with their Take Me Downtown tour also impacted Lady Antebellum’s decision to move on.  According to Charles, “Being on the road, especially now that we’re going on the road to these amphitheaters, it’s like, ‘Gosh!  If we had some more ‘Downtowns,’ if we had some more ‘Compasses,’ those are the kind of songs that really get people on their feet.”  For lack of a better term, he says what they were really looking for with this new album were more “ass kickers,” and they were able to find six or seven, as opposed to three or four that they normally have on their albums.
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