Charles pratar om Album 5

Charles har gjort en kort intervju där han pratar om den nya skivan. Bland annat nämner han att skivan kommer redan i höst.
From the minute Lady Antebellum released their new single, “Bartender,” they have been chomping at the bit to give their fans even more new music from their next album. Charles says as far as a release date for the new album, “We are thinking sometime in the fall, hopefully sooner than later. It’s interesting, it’s always a moving target and it’s funny, we were having a conversation with the label the other day and they were actually kind of moving up the date a little bit, seeing what ‘Bartender’ is doing.”
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Intervju med CMT Hot 20

Lady A gjorde en intervju med CMT Hot 20 som ni kan se nedanför på nedanför. Bland annat så pratade det om hur Hillarys liv har förändrats sedan Eisele föddes.

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Hillary hos Mlive

Idag publicerades en intervju som Mlive haft med Hillary tidigare. De pratar lite om hur de fick planera om Take me downtown tour, hur det är att vara mamma och hennes omtycke för popmusik.

Normally, the deluxe edition of an artist’s album tacks on inessential bonus tracks or throwaway covers.

Not Lady Antebellum. The re-release of the group’s 2013 record “Golden” spawned the single “Compass,” a top-10 hit on the Billboard country charts. The track reinvigorated the Nashville-based group after its seven-month break from the road, which accommodated singer Hillary Scott’s maternity leave. Scott and fellow band leaders Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood penned the song a few weeks after she gave birth – to daughter Eisele Kaye, with husband Chris Tyrrell - in July, delayed a round of tour dates to promote it, and watched it become one of the group’s most popular tracks.

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Hillary pratar om turnén och den kommande skivan

After an extended break, the members of Lady Antebellum experienced jitters leading up to their new Take Me Downtown Tour, which opened earlier this month in Peoria, Ill.

“We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a lot of anxiety and butterflies,” singer Hillary Scott. But in every city so far, the 27-year-old singer said they’ve been blown away by the response. “We have this new sense of excitement to be on the stage, performing songs, having fun, and I think that would have never had happened if we hadn’t taken a little break.”


“In the next couple of weeks, we’re going to start bringing songwriters out to start writing for the next project,” Scott said. “I can’t tell you 100-percent where we’re going, because we’re still figuring it out. It’s exploration-time. We’re going to take our time. We’re not going to rush. We’re just going to write and be very selective. We’re going to explore what we’re not afraid to talk about, we’re not afraid to do production-wise. We’re not going to go too far left of the core of who we are, but I definitely think that we’re going to see where it’s going to take us, and we can always reel ourselves back in.”

To prepare for a new album, Lady Antebellum receives submissions from various songwriters. They have virtually all the time they want to get to know a song, but Scott said if she’s not sold on one by the end of the first chorus, her impressions don’t usually change with repeated listenings. “That’s just the way I am,” she said. “The songs that stand out are the ones you go back to, over and over and over. That’s my personal litmus test: if I want to go back and listen to it, there’s a reason.”

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Charles och Hillary pratar julgrans dekorationer

Lady Antebellum can sing, but how are their Christmas tree trimming skills? The band loves decorating for Christmas, with the tree being the centerpiece. Hillary Scott, who will be celebrating her first Christmas as a mother, goes to her own mother’s house in search of very specific ornaments.

“My mom, I gave her such a hard time when I was a little girl, because she went to some store and got these snowmen with an icicle hanging down from the bottom, so I thought they were so gawdy,” she said. “But you know what? Now that I’m older, I love ‘em. And if they’re not on the tree, I’m like, ‘Mama, where are they? Where are the snowmen icicle lights this year?’”

In Charles Kelley’s house, the tree was a bit of a battle of wills. His wife Cassie had one vision while Charles had a more vibrant one.

“My mom actually sent me some of our old ornaments that we had made and stuff,” he said. “We always had the cheesiest tree, but I miss it. It was always so very colorful. And with my wife, she’s very stylish and chic, and so she wanted this really chic tree, and I said, ‘Baby, I’m sorry. We’ve got to put a little color in this.’ So, I put some of my cheesy little stuff on there, and I think that’s part of Christmas. I think you have to have that, so she relented.”


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Artikel från People

Hillary Scott: Eisele Was Bitten By the Music Bug

There may be a future country star in Hillary Scott‘s house.

The Lady Antebellum singer says her 4-month-old daughter Eisele Kaye already recognizes the group’s songs.

“We played the Grand Ole Opry a few months ago,” Scott, 27, told reporters at the American Country Awards on Tuesday.

“She was in the backstage area and they have a live feed for what’s going on on stage. She was in a dead sleep and we started into ‘Compass.’ She woke up and looked straight at the TV,and was glued. She’s already been bit by the bug.”

Scott’s baby girl will be touring with Lady Antebellum in January and — for the first time — the group will be rolling down the road in separate buses.

“A girl’s bus and a guy’s bus,” bandmate Dave Haywood jokes to PEOPLE.

Aside from the sexes, the cuisine in the two buses will be dramatically different.

“Her fridge will be full of baby formula and baby food,” Charles Kelley says. “And ours will be full of Doritos, whiskey and bourbon.”

– Mark Gray


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Scott Tyrell i People magazine

Det senaste nummret av people magazine innehåller ett reportage om Hillary, Chris och Eisele.
Här är några scanings.

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101.9 the wolf interview

Lady Antebellum gästade via telefon på The wolf Boomers radiostation för en intervju.
Lyssna på den nedanför

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2 ACA nomination

Det är fjärde året som American Country Awards hålls och Lady A fortsätter att vara en av de nominerade till Best country duo/group, men i år även för best single of the year (downtown)
Galan äger rum i Las Vegas den 10 December (11 för oss) och vill du se resten av de nominerade eller rösta på Lady Antebellum kan du klicka HÄR

Artist of the Year: Duo or Group 
Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts
The Band Perry
Zac Brown Band

Single of the Year: Duo/Group
“Downtown,” Lady Antebellum
“Tornado,” Little Big Town
“Better Dig Two,” The Band Perry
“If I Didn’t Have You,” Thompson Square
“Goodbye in Her Eyes,” Zac Brown Band

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Artikel ifrån E!

Igår besökte Lady Antebellum E networks station för en intervju.
Intervjun ligger nu uppe på E's hemsida och handlar mest om deras nya singel Compass

After a break following the birth of Hilary Scott's daughter, Eisele Kaye, the trio has a new single out, "Compass," and they revealed for the first time during their appearance on E! News today that they'll be performing the tune at the 2013 CMA Awards—and it will be Scott's first time onstage since becoming a mom! 

The CMAs are Nov. 6 and will be hosted for the sixth time by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Her baby "is the first person I thought of when we heard this song," Scott said of "Compass," which can be found on the deluxe version of their album Golden, out Nov. 12. "It's wanting her to feel like she can always come home and have a safe place at home. I'll just be envisioning her the whole time."

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Nu hoppas jag att det är Europe tour dates som kommer ut. Eller vad tror ni?

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Lady A till Grand ole Opry

Nyhet: 25 Oktober kommer Lady Antebellum att uppträda på Grand Ole Opry i Nashville. 
Vi som inte åker till USA hur enkelt som helst behöver inte vara ledsna för eventemanget kommer att streamas.
Mer information kommer snart.

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On this winter's night - Blu Ray

Nu har det kommit ut nyheter om att den 29 oktober kommer Lady Antebellum släppa en Blu ray DVD som innehåller 11 uppträdanden från deras jul album on this winter's night plus egna julminnen.
DVDn kommer kosta 19.98 USD (ca 127 SEK)  i USA men den kommer även gå att köpa på CDON (för 179kr) och Ginza (för 159kr)
Jag kan även tips er om att på Ginza kan ni nu köpa Lady Antebellums andra och tredje album (need you now och own the night) för endast 49 kr.

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Charles och Dave tänker skämma bort Eisele på turnén

En nya artikel där Charles och Dave pratar om hur de tänker skämma bort Eisele med saker under turnén.
Lady Antebellum will embark on their Take Me Downtown Tour in November and Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood say they absolutely plan to spoil Hillary Scott’s baby girl, Eisele, who just turned one month old yesterday. “Well I know how I am with my nieces and nephews every time I see them,” says Charles. “It’s just like I always want to go take them to toy stores and stuff and just spend a bunch of money on them. So I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like when [Hillary] has the first little kid out there.” Dave proclaims, “It’s going to be a showering of gifts at all times.”

Since Hillary’s husband Chris is also Lady Antebellum’s drummer, the whole family will travel on the road together on their own bus. The Take Me Downtown Tour kicks off November 8th in Southaven, Mississippi, and will play 17 dates through mid-December with special guests Kip Moore and Kacey Musgraves.

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Lady A & Stevie Nicks CMT Crossroads'

Den 13 september kommer CMT att sända deras nya show Crossroads', och den första en timmes specialen är om Lady Antebellum och Stevie Nicks.
Msuikerna träffades titigare iår och själv några av deras hits tillsammans. Nu kommer det att sändas på TV (ej svensk)
Eventuella klipp kommer publiceras på bloggen när avsnittet släppts.

The much-anticipated episode of CMT Crossroads, bringing together the iconic Stevie Nicks and country superstar trio Lady Antebellum, will debut Friday, September 13 at 10:00 p.m., ET/PT. Meeting and collaborating for the first time on the CMT Crossroads stage in Los Angeles, Nicks and Lady A will share harmonies and stories on “CMT Crossroads: Stevie Nicks and Lady Antebellum.”

The one-hour special will feature the classic Nicks hits “Edge of Seventeen,” “Landslide,” “Rhiannon” and “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” as well as Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” “Love Don’t Live Here” and “Golden.”



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Utdrag: Country weekly

ifrån senaste nummret av country weekly.

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Exclusive interview - Yahoo Rolling Stone

Lady Antebellum have been enjoying the spunkiest and sauciest hit of their career with the chart-topping single “Downtown,” even as the videos and promotional appearances for it feature Hillary Scott looking ever-so-more pregnant. As the band takes the stage for an exclusive Yahoo! Music performance, the average viewer might not notice Scott’s expectancy all that much, thanks to the miracles of slimming black. Still, there is that moment when Scott pleads “I don’t know why you don’t take me downtown anymore” that you might imagine her partner’s response reasonably being, “Um, because your water might break?” Even with the blessed event being just weeks away — Scott’s baby girl, her first, is due in late July — the trio haven’t lost a step, and if anything, have been compressing about six months’ worth of the usual album promotion into roughly half that time. “I can probably speak for everybody on our team and say it’s easier to promote a record when someone’s not pregnant,” Scott says. “For sure!” “Fewer naps in the middle of the day,” adds Dave Haywood. It’s not clear whether the guitarist is speaking for Scott or himself when it comes to increased narcolepsy, but… “The pacing has definitely had to be different,” says Scott, in the course of promoting Golden, their fourth album. “I mean, we’ve traveled to the same places that we always do when we promote records. But there’s this crazy thing that happens when you’re pregnant. Like, when the baby says, ‘Mom, I’m tired,’ your body just stops and you just kind of start staring through people and not even meaning to. But it’s been good. I haven’t been sick, which has been really nice. Thankfully, my energy level has been high.” Keeping the energy level up was assuredly a priority during the creation of Golden… if you’ll forgive the segue. The group admits wanting to change things up after 2011′s Own the Night, even though there could just as easily have been an if-it-ain’t-broke attitude, since that release did produce two successive No. 1 country singles (“Just a Kiss,” “We Owned the Night”) and a third that fell just one position shy of the top slot (“Dancin’ Away With My Heart”). But as great as those romantic duets sounded on the radio, the trio noticed some potholes going unfilled on the road. “With the big ballads and mid-tempos, especially in our live show, there’s only so many ways you can perform them and it not start to look really repetitive, with Charles and I singing to each other,” says Scott.        

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Hillary får en egen turné buss

I en artikel som publicerades i måndags berättade Hillary att hon kommer att åka i en egen turné buss när Lady A drar igång turnén i höst. Dock kommer hon inte vara helt ensam på bussen. Hennes man (bandets trummis) Chris Tyrrell och deras nyfödda barn kommer också åka med.
Hillary säger att det är lite ledsamt att hon inte längre kommer åka i samma buss som Charles och Dave, men att bandet tycker att förändringarna som kommer att ske är positiva. 
Vill ni läsa hela artikeln gör ni det här
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Hillary delar med sig av sina bästa skönhetstips

Alla tjejer måste ha skönhetshemligheter, och nu skall Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott dela med sig av sina måste-ha produkter för att kunna se bra ut. När det kommer till läpparna berättar Hillary att hon använder sig av Tart-läppglans. "Det sitter på och blir inte fult efter tag."
Hillary använder också en concealer från Amazing Cosmetics. Hon säger, "Jag använder det till allt. De har en handfull färger som du blandar för att matcha din hudton. "

Medan en del av produkterna på Hillarys måste-ha listan kan bli lite dyra, därför spenderar hon inte så mycket på alla skönhetsprodukter. "Ärligt talat, jag är kär i min deodorant," Hillary bekänner. "Det är Secret -Va Va Vanilla. Jag älskar doften, och om den inte finns i affären blir jag väldigt ledsen. "

Hillary tar lite extra tid att skämma bort sig själv dessa dagar eftersom hon väntar sitt första barn nästa månad.

Översatt av: Linnéa
Denna artikel är en av få som vi har översatt, så jag hoppas att ni är förstående med om översättningen inte är helt korrekt.


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New album and baby

I denna interjuvn pratar de om den nya skivan, Hillarys bebis som kommer i Juli och hur de bildades.

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